10 Signs On The Body That Indicate You Are Not Healthy

The human body is an amazing machine that should be serviced regularly to pay attention to it. Precisely for this reason, it is important to listen to what your body is trying to say.

In addition we will present 10 signs you should not ignore!

1.Eye whites

Eye whites should always be white. Besides cold or lack of sleep, this part of the body can indicate some dangerous changes in your organism.

Yellow eye white can be a sign of jaundice, bile problems or liver problems.

Red eye white can indicate some viral diseases such as high blood pressure or conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye.

2. Swollen neck

If you notice your neck is swollen, immediately visit a doctor. It can indicate you have problems with the thyroid gland.

3. Gray hair before 40

Gray hair is natural phenomenon that often depends on genetics. But if you have more than 50% gray hair in your 30s, and do not have such cases in the family, it can be a sign of diabetes.

4. Cracked lips

As a result of high temperature and wind, cracks on the lips may occur. However, cracks on the lips may often be a sign of lack of zinc and vitamin B. Also, if cracked lips occur to you often, it may be a sign of fungal infection. Continue reading on next page…

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