10 Surprising Signs That You Need To Go To The ER Right Away


Most of us would rather avoid a trip to the ER whenever possible. After all, emergency rooms are (as the name implies) for emergencies only.


The trouble is, lots of people don’t realize when to go to the ER. There are many “minor” symptoms and injuries that actually require emergency care.


Here’s an example: Nobody would stay at home in bed if they tripped on the sidewalk and broke their ankle, but someone who is feeling sick and suddenly spikes a high fever might just pop a few pills and try to sleep it off.


The first situation is obviously a job for the ER. The second is too, but it’s a more subtle symptom, so people might not know when to go to the ER and get care.


The medical staff in the ER are trained to expect the unexpected, and are prepared for situations that change quickly, like belly pains that turn into surprise childbirths.


Some emergencies don’t look as extreme as a broken limb or an arriving baby, but they are still 100 percent worth a trip to the ER!

Symptom #1: Splitting Headache


Symptom #1: Splitting Headache

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

When you get a headache, your first instinct might be to swallow a pain pill and hit the hay to try to sleep it off. Continue…

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