11 Celebrities and Relatable Characters with Borderline Personality Disorder

Darrel Hammond

Darrell Hammond.

Since it’s important to include guys in this mix, I should do that, right? Hammond is a comedian and performer and is very public about his condition.

Scott Levy, aka Raven

Scott Levy, A.K.A Raven.

He describes his pathology including narcissism and emotional and mental issues. He acknowledges that this stems from the child-neglect he experienced in the past. Having wonderful performers, such as Raven, talk about childhood issues and his mental illnesses is very important for his followers that also have BPD.

Brand Marshall:

Brand Marshall Posing With On The Field

Marshal is an American football player. His symptoms are of fear of abandonment, an inability to process emotions, and fear of loneliness and boredom. Marshall is an example of a male with BPD that can relate to a woman with BPD, another very important attribute to this world.

Finally, the Characters.

Sometimes even fictional characters can help us through the toughest of times. Personally, I’ve read Perks of Being a Wallflower countless amounts of times to get through my repressed memories and life drama. So for you all with BPD and other mental illnesses, it’s wonderful to have someone to relate to- even if it’s a legitimized fictional character.

Girl, Interrupted: This film taught me about BPD, which was very confusing for me to understand. But, that’s the stigma, isn’t it? Susanna spends 18 months in the hospital after a suicide attempt. Though she experiences a possibly unlikely experience, her characteristics are very relatable to someone with BPD.

Fatal Attraction: the femme fatale in this film displays emotional turmoil and instability, self-harm, anger, and manipulation. As already said, usually females are displayed in the media with BPD, and this character shows some extreme traits.

The Hours: This film displays depression and suicide, as well as BPD.

Silver Linings Playbook: Looking for their silver lining, Jennifer Lawrence plays this character exactly how I imagined her while reading the book. The character Tiffany displays fear of abandonment, anger, instability, and many other traits. Heart-wrenching, but very relatable.

Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind: Some believe Clementine displays some characteristics of BPD, so have a look-see for yourself (I promise you won’t regret it, just might cry a lot).

Hopefully, these two lists and descriptions of BPD helped you understand a little more about BPD. Learning how it affects the person and those around them, as well as hearing about others with the disorder is comforting. Maybe it can help you introspect throughout your journey.

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