12 of The Rarest and Weirdest Diseases Know to Mankind

by higherperspectives

  • WARNING: Graphic content may disturb some viewers

Disease is something that has evolved right alongside man over the years. Today, we see the culmination of many of them in some of the strangest manifestations of disease anyone has ever seen before.

Some of them disfigure people greatly, others cause incredible pain, and some are simply aesthetic. As the world’s population continues to grow, we will undoubtedly continue to see new ones emerge.

Here are twelve of the strangest, most bizarre diseases seen today:

  1. Exploding Head Syndrome

While this disease sounds like your head is literally going to explode, it’s bad, but not in that way.

People with this disease start hearing gunshots, bombs, and any other extremely loud noises as soon as they lay down to rest.

Physically, it is not painful. But, it causes severe sleep deprivation that has incredibly harmful side effects.

2. Flesh-Eating Diseases

These types of diseases are exactly like they sound: absolutely terrible. They navigate to the deepest layers of the skin and begin to kill tissue from the inside out.

This leads to the rotting and decay of the infected areas. Typically, we see discolored, blistered skin with fluids leaking out of it.

The only way to get rid of these diseases is through surgery, and about 73% of people who get them will die if left untreated. Continue reading on next page…

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