14 Important Health Signs Your Hands Give That You Shouldn’t Ignore

We see our hands every single day but when was the last time when you actually noticed the health signs they’re trying to give you? Everything from rough palms to raggedy nails could signal that there’s something up with your health. It’s not common to experience numb hands and fingers and only one in ten people have felt it. It can be one of the important health signs that your body is trying to give you and you can take precautions before the problem gets serious.


We’ve gathered some important health signs that your hands try to give you so that you can take precautions before you catch some serious disease!

1.Tingling Sensation

Deficiency of certain vitamins like Vitamin E, B1, B6, and B12 can cause a tingling sensation in the fingers of the left leg or in the left hand.

Health Signs Your Hands Give

2.Pale Nails Bed

When you press your nails they should turn white and immediately turn pink when you leave them. But when they remain pale, it’s a sign of iron-deficiency. This means that there are not enough red blood cells circulating in your body.

3.Clubbed Fingers

When nails and finger tips look like a drumstick or a club it’s due to the deficiency of oxygen supply in the body and could signal chronic lung disease, including lung cancer and cystic fibrosis. Continue…

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