16 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Emotionally ‘Numb’

10. You Put Yourself in “Risky” Situations

“Something people don’t realize I’m doing because I’m emotionally numb is placing myself in risky situations. I’m willing to come to harm physically and/or emotionally so that I feel something — anything — other than the ‘nothingness’ of being numb.” — Louisa T.

11. You Seem “Robotic”

“I say exactly what I am thinking. I turn into a robot I have very little empathy and my body language and voice are flatlined. When I am numb like that, I’m usually trapped in my head — sitting, staring and waiting to come back to myself.” — Nicole S.

12. You Experience More Anxiety and Panic Attacks

“Having panic attacks instead of feeling negative emotions. I don’t like being mad or sad. I’m numb to those negative emotions because of trauma and PTSD. I just get anxious instead.” — Liz T.

13. You Distract Yourself Frequently

“I begin to distract myself by playing games on my phone, or I clean. I do whatever I can because I become so uncomfortable I cannot sit in the anxiety and discomfort.” — Dana B.

14. You Have Trouble Following Social Cues

“I interrupt. I don’t hear lots of what is happening, I have trouble following social cues and I just interrupt people.” — Kristy G.

15. You Self-Medicate

“I pretend I’m happy and not affected by the situation at all, while I go numb myself physically with substances.” — Lauryn L.

16. You Seem “Emotionless”

“I’m totally emotionless. I don’t get excited, or show facial expressions.” — Justin L.

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