27 Invisible Symptoms of Fibromyalgia Normally Everyone Ignore.

Fibromyalgia is a human disease that causes widespread chronic pain and a heightened pain response to pressure. It affects more than 5 million Americans and the numbers are on the rise. The condition causes numerous unpleasant symptoms and is considered an “invisible illness” as it doesn’t cause problems on the outside. However, fibromyalgia is a serious condition which can have serious consequences if left untreated. This is why you need to pay attention to the symptoms which you can see below:



One of the main symptoms of the disease is pain and tenderness around the joints in the body, especially if you apply pressure. The pain, however, is invisible and often mistaken for another disease.



Fibromyalgia can also cause tingling sensation in different parts of the body due to the pressure on the nerves.



Chronic fatigue is one of the most well-known symptoms of the condition. Doctors think that it may be caused by a viral infection which can lead to hormonal imbalance, sleeping problems as well as other health problems. If you’re feeling tired all the time, and you’re starting to feel lethargic and weak, don’t ignore it as it may be a sign of fibromyalgia.



Fibromyalgia patients are suffering from lack of sleep which results in fatigue and exhaustion.



Fibromyalgia may make you feel very bad one moment, and happy in the other.



Hormonal changes involve extremely high or low production of hormones due to the disease. They often go unnoticed, but should be checked out by a professional as soon as you notice them.



Fibromyalgia causes numbness due to the spasms and stiffness in the muscles. This numbness may irritate your nerves and may cause loss of feeling. A lot of people and even doctors miss this symptom or ignore it, but you should know that it can be a symptom of the disease.



Depression is another symptom of fibromyalgia that can cause anxiety and headaches. It’s one of the main symptoms of the condition and should be addressed sooner rather than later.



Fibromyalgia patients have reported pain in the bones as one of the symptoms. Bone pain and tenderness are caused by an interruption to your blood supply caused by the condition. Bone pain can make you unable to fall asleep and will certainly affect your mobility as well. Continue reading on next page…

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