29 Things Only a Person Who’s Quitting Smoking Would Understand

Most regular smokers will agree that a cigarette after a meal is one of life’s simple pleasures. Same with the wake-up smoke, the work-break smoke, the stress smoke and the morning coffee smoke. While smokers will list a variety of reasons why they continue to smoke despite the fact that half of them will die younger because of it, the real truth can largely be boiled down to one fact — they’re addicted to nicotine. Most people know the word, but many may not actually know what it is. Here’s the skinny: Nicotine is a naturally occurring colorless liquid in tobacco that turns brown when burned.

Quitting smoking is no easy task. Learn to laugh along with your struggle.

1. Someone suggested that you try baby carrots when you’re having a craving, which is clearly ridiculous. You can’t smoke a carrot.

baby carrots

2. Finding out that the smokers’ helpline isn’t there to take cigarette delivery orders.

smokers helpline

3. It’s time for bed and you feel like your day never started because you didn’t have a morning smoke.

day never started

4. Is there anything better than a cigarette with a cup of coffee? Is there?!?!

cigarette and coffee

5. Two days after quitting, if someone said, “Pick one: A cigarette or incredible sex, right now,” it would be the toughest decision of your life.

sex or cigarette

6. Phantom cigarette: The sensation that a missing cigarette is still attached to your lips.

phantom cigarette

7. When you set a date to quit smoking, it quickly devolves into a rough approximation of the month in which you might start to consider thinking about quitting.

select a date to quit

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