29 Things Only a Person Who’s Quitting Smoking Would Understand

23. What do non-smokers do after a nap? After vacuuming? After doing anything?

smoke after chores

24. You know what’s delightful after a good hard workout? Don’t say a cigarette. Don’t say a cigarette.

smoke after workout

25. You openly declare to friends that you’re going to quit. Then you try to convince them that they must have dreamed it when they catch you smoking a week later.

openly declare

26. Instead of lighting a cigarette, you light a candle or some incense. Now it looks like you’re living in a romance novel.

incense and candles

27. You’ve tried hypnosis to quit. You still smoke, but now you also quack like a duck whenever anyone says “button.”


28. Friends have found you staring longingly at used cigarette butts on the ground.

use cigarette butts

29. You’ve read this entire list and really feel like you deserve a cigarette as a reward for your dedication.

reward cigarette