29 Unexpected Warning signs Of Fibromyalgia. Many of them We Never Realize


Here’s what the community shared with us:

1. “Having a pain flare-up causes me to feel nauseous and so physically ill.”


2. “The relentless itching that pops up randomly, has no rhyme or reason, sometimes comes with hives or red spots. Itching that is insatiable and moves around from place to place.”


3. “The constant feeling of being tired. I sleep between eight and 12 hours a day and I’m still always tired.”

4. “Forgetting common words that I use every day.”


5. “[Having an] overactive bladder.”

6. “All the other medical conditions that come with it… migraine, IBS [irritable bowel

syndrome], Raynauds phenomenon, chronic fatigue, insomnia and so many more. It is rarely a diagnosis on its own.”


7. “Skin sensitivity. If someone brushes past me even lightly it feels like I’ve been heavily hit.”


8. “Horrible menstrual cycles that leave [me] in bed with a heat pad on [my] stomach and gasping in the fetal position.”


9. “Feeling ‘loopy.’ I feel like I’m drunk. I even lose my balance while walking.”


10. “The occasional blurry vision even with glasses, like you’re seeing things through water.”


11. “The constant headaches/migraines I deal with on a daily basis.”


12. “Weird skin sensation and lack of temperature control.”



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