29 Unexpected Warning signs Of Fibromyalgia. Many of them We Never Realize


13. “Absolute klutziness. I can trip over my own feet and roll my ankles walking in grass. It is an extreme case of incoordination.”


14. “Blisters after being in the sun. Even with sunscreen use/no sunburn.”


15. “Feeling like I have bugs crawling in me to the point I will itch myself raw.”

16. “I was surprised that even my hair can hurt.”

17. “The constant sweating, even when it isn’t hot.”

18. “Breaking out into a rash for no reason.”

19. “The weakness in my hands and arms from the pain. I played the violin for six years and had incredibly strong hands, but when my fibromyalgia symptoms started my hands were the first thing affected and the strength has never returned.”


20. “Smells making me violently ill.”


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