29 Unexpected Warning signs Of Fibromyalgia. Many of them We Never Realize


21. “Surprising symptom? No clue. Most shocking thing is not even knowing what’s a fibromyalgia-related symptom anymore and what’s not. So many symptoms, so many co-existing conditions. I have no clue what’s a fibromyalgia symptom anymore.”


22. “Neurological slowness! Poor instant recall.”

23. “The way that some symptoms can take [me] out for days and then be gone, just to come back the next day.” My hands twitch and shake. Never had it before until now. Weirdest thing ever! Doesn’t hurt, but I have lost my grip of things.


24. “Hair falling out! Every time I shampoo I have enough hair that falls out to make a wig. Luckily, I have a lot of hair.”

25. “Vaginal muscle spasms! Yep, it leaves nothing untouched! And no, it’s not pleasant!” You know what? Nothing surprises me about fibromyalgia anymore


26. “The never being comfortable, ever. You sit down and fidget and squirm and try to get comfortable. You lay down and fidget and squirm and try to get comfortable. You try to stand up and fidget and squirm and try to get comfortable. Nothing is comfortable anymore.”


27. “Sounds. Actually being irritated by different sounds so much that [I] leave the place [I’m] at. Tingling and weakness at the end of a busy day. It feel like [my] body is desperately trying to heal itself when it’s tired.”


28. “My skin always feeling like it’s severely sunburnt. I never thought about how much clothing could hurt. I shop now more for the feel of the fabric and its looseness on my body than how it looks.”


29. “I’m either starving no matter how much I eat or the thought of food makes me sick – there is no in between.” Water hurts. It’s so hard to explain that getting into a pool or lake that is cold is too painful for me. Even showering hurts,

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