5 People Whose Brain Injuries Gave Them New Abilities

The brain is a powerful organ! Although these people experienced trauma, their brains compensated with some special skills.

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Orlando Serrell

One of the more well-known cases of acquired savant syndrome is Orlando Serrell. A baseball hit ten-year-old Serrell during a game. Although he fell, he got back up and continued playing baseball. After his headache eventually left, he noticed he could name the day of the week for any date. He could also remember the weather, where he was, and what he was doing for every day since the accident, according to his official website. For people who want to keep their average brains in check, do these things now to save your brain at 80.

Derek Amato

Some acquired savants also develop artistic abilities. For Derek Amato, the skill is piano. During a game of catch, Amato hit his head on the concrete bottom of a Jacuzzi. The fall left Amato with hearing loss in one ear, memory loss, and headaches. It also gave Amato the ability to understand and play complex tunes on the piano, without any training. He was drawn to the keyboard in his friend’s studio and played for six hours, Popular Science reports. Read Amato’s full incredible story here.

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