2. They look for intelligence and success

You’re probably targeted because you are successful and intelligent. They see you as a trophy they must have. The fact that you’re successful or wealthy makes you even more desirable.

They make you a target, and actually, you have little or nothing to do with the fact that you end up dating a narcissist or a sociopath. They want everything you have to become theirs, so they can brag about their ‘win’.

3. Their boldness is attractive

The fact is that the more narcissistic a man is, he will be more attractive to women. His boldness and a bit of a cocky attitude give the impression they know what they want, and they will get it.

When the center of their attention is you and you know you are wanted, it flatters you, and you feel special. Don’t be ashamed—it’s true, and every woman feels it.

So, it’s so easy to fall under their spell because they project everything you want to see in a man…at first. Later on, they change their stripes and show who they really are.

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