4. They are skilled manipulators

They can fool anyone. They are skilled manipulators in disguise. They do it so professionally, and they wait for a substantial amount of time to show who they really are.

They stay hidden until a later stage in the relationship when you get too much involved, and you can’t get out. Then, they already have you in their grips, and they use you as a source of their supply.

The aftermath is just horrific. What you have to go through to get over a narcissist will, at the moment, may make you never trust anyone else. If you’re dealing with getting over a narcissist, read my new book “On Getting Over A Narcissist” here and hopefully, you’ll find answers based on my painful experience.

5. They are charming and confident

This is the thing when you see a charming man—you’re going to fall for him…and even more so, if the man is confident. You don’t want a needy immature man by your side. You want someone who’ll know how to take care of themselves.

That’s the bait which catches you. That’s the road you take, and although the road had warning signs all over, you couldn’t (or didn’t want to) see them.

When a narcissist charms his victim, he seduces her, and in the end, he sucks her dry. Shy, strong, outgoing, introverts, empaths…any kind of a woman can be a target of a narcissist or a psychopath.


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