5 Things NOT To Say To Someone With Fibromyalgia

#4 “You Just Need To Get More Exercise And Be More Active”

If only it was that easy. The fact is that many fibromyalgia sufferers push the limits of their physical ability by getting up and taking a shower each day.


Many do find some relief in yoga or other gentle exercises such as water aerobics. But often the kind of exertion that comes with exercise just isn’t a possibility.

#5 “It’s All In Your Head”


We saved the worst for last. Actually no, it’s not all in my head. The pain and fatigue is in my entire body and sometimes I feel like even my hair hurts! Yes it’s that bad and the fact that you can’t see my pain doesn’t mean that it’s not a physical condition. Stress, anxiety and depression can all make the symptoms of chronic pain worse but they typically do not cause the pain.


If you made it this far, you are likely either a fibromyalgia sufferer or someone who really wants to understand fibromyalgia to support someone they love. Gentle hugs to you if you are the former and thank you so much if you are the latter.

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