2. Anger management

If you’ve ever been involved with someone toxic, you know how their actions and words can make you angry and bitter. But if you allow these negative emotions to consume you, you are only becoming just like the person you are trying to run away from.

This is why I knew I had to find a way to manage my anger. I realized that my narcissist actually wanted me to get frustrated because that was a sign that I was losing control over myself, which automatically gave him power over me.

So whenever my narcissist did his best to get to me, I did my best to show him that he didn’t bother me.

3. Acceptance

One of the things that helped me the most in the process of breaking my narcissist’s spell was accepting him for who he was. And accepting that he was not the man I wanted or needed in my life.

After years of trying to get to the bottom of this guy and trying to understand the reasons behind his actions, I accepted that he was not mysterious—he was just a jerk. And there was nothing I could have done about it.

I stopped trying to look for this man’s good sides and holding on to them. I stopped finding excuses for him and I stopped trying to justify his behavior.

I accepted that he’d never change and that I couldn’t save him, as much as I’d been trying to do so. And it brought me liberation.

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