Insanity and chaos. That is what your life has turned into. What was once a happy and peaceful normal life has turned into something you no longer recognize.

That is your relationship with a narcissist.

You wake up one morning realizing that you’ve been living an absolute hell of a life. You wake up to the horrible reality you’re living in, and you come to accept it, finally.

You stop lying to yourself telling yourself that he is only going through a phase and you realize he’s been like that from the start. The only difference from then and now is that you’ve stopped making excuses for him, and you’ve stopped fooling yourself that he’ll change.

This moment of complete truth finally hit you.

Another of his violations, his lies, his sneaky deeds have hit you hard this time, harder than the ones before. This was the final straw which completely opened your eyes.

1. You think you’re not good enough

Years of being told that you aren’t good enough, that you’re nuts, that nobody likes you and you’re incapable of doing anything right has left a huge mark on you. It has destroyed your confidence and your sense of worth.

Once you were a confident woman who fought against every little thing that stood in the way of your happiness, and this narcissistic monster has turned you into a woman who accepts everything that comes her way and learns to live with it.

And that feeling, that lack of confidence is something that was pulling you down. It was something that prevented you from trying to get the best for yourself. You just settled and made peace with your destiny because you thought you can’t do anything about it.

Actually, he made you believe that you can’t do anything about it.

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