6 Signs In An Argument That Scream psychopath!

The word psychopath might remind most of us of the age-old Hitchcock favorite “Psycho,” serial killers or somebody we know or even ourselves.

Psychopaths need not necessarily hurt you physically. They can be cunning, manipulative, and cause harm with full intent of doing so, without feeling any guilt about it or even taking any responsibility for it. They’re the ultimate blame-gamer, always making it your fault.

How Are Pychopaths As Social Beings?

On the outside, they can blend into any social situation and are very amicable, creating a perfect public image for themselves; people usually won’t believe them capable of any misdeeds. They smooth-talk people very easily.

On the inside, however, they tend to be insecure, bored, and always take calculated preemptive actions in case they feel threatened, almost always. Kind of like a fly to a spider’s web, you’d be driven into arguments usually rooted from something they have actually done, be it hurtful or inappropriate. Soon enough, you will end up defending yourself and feeling guilty.

Usually, their actions are driven by desires for money, sex, and essentially popularity or being the center of attention.

Worry not! They are said to take up only around 1% of the population. Given here are some common behaviors and tips on how to tell if you are arguing with a psychopath and how to interact or deal with them effectively.

Half-Truths, Lies, and Excuses

Humans do err. But with psychopaths, you will find yourself hearing excuses like a recitation every time. They leave you with false promises, words, and actions that don’t match; feeling surprised when they manage to follow through with something; and manipulate you into thinking that something basic was a big deal.

Patronize Or Look Down On You

They always want to have the upper hand and win, whatever it takes. Initially appearing calm and collected, they will mock and provoke you to make you react. Finally, when you have your outburst, they will just smirk, ask you to chill, and look like they are upset at you but are actually happy they could play around with your emotions so easily.

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