6 things that happen to your vagina when you’ve had a baby


3. It’s going to be a desert down there.

No matter how turned on you are, your vajayjay may be dry after delivering a baby. Same goes if your doctor gives the okay to get down with your hubby (which is usually no sooner than six weeks post-delivery).

Your hormone levels may not be back to their normal state yet, especially if you’re nursing, says Dr. Dweck. When you’re ready to bring action back to the bedroom, she recommends using lots of lube or estrogen cream, which you can get as a prescription from your OB.

4. You may not recognize yourself.

Don’t be alarmed if your vagina is a different color—it’s completely normal. After delivering a baby, the pigmentation down there typically gets darker, particularly around the labia and the perineum (the skin between your vagina and anus).

“There is nothing dangerous about this; it’s typically caused by a hormonal change,” says Dr. Dweck. Once your hormone levels stabilize, it may revert back to its previous hue. But even if it doesn’t, no biggie.

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