7 Of The Most Harmful Narcissistic Manipulation Tactics

We Would Like To Think Of Ourselves As People Who Can Spot And Avoid Manipulators, But Narcissistic Manipulation Is A Special, Sneaky Kind Of Toxic.


There are two types of narcissists. One revolves around the person who is self-absorbed, and obsessed with their attire, hairstyle, and everything involving their looks, or what they own. That type of narcissism exists on a spectrum. The other kind however, is a genuine psychiatric disorder, and if you aren’t prepared, you will find yourself the victim of narcissistic manipulation.


Individuals who meet the criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder use extremely manipulative tactics when dealing with relationships. This is due to their dishonesty, lack of empathy and their tendency to be outwardly exploitative.

Recognizing their harmful influence, and removing yourself from the grip of narcissist manipulation is the best thing you can do to protect your mental and emotional well-being.


Here Are 7 Of The Most Harmful Narcissistic Manipulation Tactics:

1. Public And Private Shaming.

Whether it is in a public setting, or the privacy of your own home, a narcissist will make comments that belittle you. They derive pleasure from making others feel small, look weak, or appear less intelligent than themselves.


This form of manipulation is subtle- dangerously so. You won’t recognize it under the guise of “I’m only kidding.” “Can’t you take a joke?” or “I’m just trying to help you.” Eventually you begin to rely on their hurtful words. Or rather, you rely on the hope that one day you will be “good enough”, and they won’t have to say them. Trust me, you are good enough already.


2. Third-Party Reinforcements.

Of course the narcissist needs back up. Their egos are massive, and as big as they are, they are equally fragile. This means that regardless of what you say, or how much logic you use, or what facts you have on your side, you won’t win. You can’t.


They have already swayed one of their friends or colleagues and convinced them to take their side. Unbeknownst to you. So now, you, the person you intended to have the conversation with, and a third-party member of their choosing are now all a part of this triangle of defeat from hell. Continue reading on next page…

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