7 Ways Washing Dishes By Hand Can Impact Your Health And Life

Many people spend their evenings in very similar ways: getting home from work or daily errands, searching our cabinets and fridges for an easy meal, then finally sitting down to eat.

Cooking dinner after a long day is exhausting for some, but relaxing for others. One thing most people agree on, though, is that doing dishes after eating is not a particularly fun part of the evening.


That being said, there are actually some great benefits to doing your dishes by hand!


For those of us who have to wash our dishes by hand, the task isn’t something we usually look forward to — hands get wrinkly from being in the water, it always takes longer than expected, and one usually gets frustrated for not rinsing the dishes right after using them.

Once in a while, doing dishes doesn’t seem so bad — it can actually feel somewhat relaxing. Plus, once it’s done, you’re usually glad to have clean dishes and to have been productive with housework.


Although most people are ridiculously grateful to have a dishwasher (or desperately want to have one), there are actually a lot of benefits to doing your dishes by hand.


Read on to see seven of the most surprising benefits of hand-washing dishes!



Benefit #1: Lowers Stress

Benefit #1: Lowers Stress

A recent study conducted by researchers at Florida State University found that washing dishes by hand is linked to mindfulness.

According to Psychology Today, “mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present.” Generally, this means that you focus on the actions you’re doing in the present.


Hand-washing dishes takes just enough focus to keep you paying attention to the present.


And Real Simple explains that the mindfulness you can experience while doing dishes “has been linked to improved well being, reduced levels of stress, and even immune-system boosts.” Continue….

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