8 Nose-Wrinkling Body Odors Every Woman Needs To Know About



We’ve all had that moment when we’re suddenly overcome with a terrible, stinky smell — you can’t tell where it’s coming from at first, until you suddenly realize the smell is you.


We all get smelly and gross; it’s just a fact of life that our bodies emit odors.


After first coming to terms with our body odor during puberty, most of us find ways to keep ourselves from smelling icky.


We bathe regularly, wear deodorant, and spritz ourselves with perfumes and body sprays — though sometimes our body stench gets so bad that it makes us wonder if something is seriously wrong.


There can be obvious reasons behind our smelliness — an intense workout or a garlic-heavy meal — but other times we’re dumbfounded when we start to stink.


It’s especially concerning when we experience changes in body odor. Just remember, though, that there are definitely some explanations for why your body might be smelling differently.



Is Body Odor Normal?

normal body odor

Everyone gets smelly once in a while — it’s totally normal.


It’s not unusual to experience severe smelliness sometimes, but we can usually fix the problem with a quick shower or piece of minty gum.


Once in a while, our smells can’t be explained by our lifestyles.

In those cases it’s worthwhile to consider that there might be something else going on with our bodies. Continue…

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