8 things women wish men knew about periods

There’s so much more to periods than cramps and tampons.

  • To the men in our lives, we know you tend to shy away from this topic, and it might make you uncomfortable, but we’d like to help with that. Since half the people you live on this world with experience it, (including your wife, girlfriend, sisters, mom and daughters), we thought a little menstruation education couldn’t hurt. In fact, hopefully it can make both of our lives better during that time of the month.


  • 1. We don’t want you to act uncomfortable

    There’s a stigma in society about periods – the less they’re publicly discussed, the better. Doing anything else just makes others uncomfortable. But feeling like we have to keep something so natural a secret makes us feel ashamed; no woman likes sneaking around just to slip a tampon in our pocket on the way to the bathroom. Or lying about having a headache when it’s really cramps. We know you don’t mean to, but when you act uncomfortable about it, we get the message that having a period is something to be ashamed of.

  • 2. We hope you at least know the basic mechanics

    Our bodies do differ, which might make us uncomfortable with the opposite sex’s basic anatomy. For you to feel more comfortable about periods, it’s helpful to know how menstruation works.


  • 3. Women have different period experiences

    Some women’s period lasts three days while other women have their periods for seven days (or more). Cramp severity and emotional changes also vary from woman to woman. Some girls bleed very heavily while others can get away with panty liners the whole week. Women don’t want men to assume they know what our personal period is like based on someone else’s experience. Understand that it’s unique to each person. Continue…

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