8 ways to appear more attractive than you are

It doesn’t take much to be more attractive right now.

  • You may feel that there’s little you can do to change how attractive you are. However, there are small changes that anyone can do with little time and effort that can influence the way people perceive how attractive you are.

    Do these 8 things to make people think you’re more attractive than you actually are.


  • Avoid small talk

    Experiments have been done that compare people who talk about surface issues with people who talk about deeper topics. These studies show that people who talk about themselves, their beliefs or their passions believe that their partners are more attractive than those who discuss the weather or other shallow subjects.

  • Eye contact

    When you meet someone new, note what color their eyes are. You will look into their eyes just a bit more than you normally would. That extra eye contact can make you appealing to the other person.


  • Personal hygiene

    There’s no accounting for what a good shower can do for your attractiveness. You smell better, your hair looks nicer, and it shows that you value yourself. Also, don’t forget to brush those teeth, trim that beard, and use deodorant. These things will do wonders. Continue…

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