9 places you hardly ever clean (but need to for the sake of your health)

Some of the places you consider the cleanest are actually dirtier than your toilet seat. What are you skipping out on cleaning?

  • What if you found out the place you are preparing your food is about two times dirtier than your toilet seat? Gross, right? But unfortunately it’s true.



    In his recent article for New York Times, pediatrics professor Aaron E. Carroll revealed that the average kitchen counter has about 2.75 colonies of coli-form bacteria per square inch, and the average household toilet seat has 0.68. This is really just a complicated way of saying your kitchen counter is much dirtier than the one thing you avoid touching: your toilet seat.

    Here are several other places in your house you don’t think about cleaning as much as you should, but are actually dirtier than your toilet seat:

  • 1. Fridge handle

    You usually touch this right before preparing food (on your dirty kitchen counter), but you don’t put much thought into washing your hands afterward. The fridge handle has nearly as much bacteria as your kitchen counter.

  • 2. Sponges

    The absolute grossest thing in your kitchen is your sponge. Remember how the toilet seat has 0.68 colonies per square inch? A sponge is 20 million colonies per square inch. 20 MILLION! Think about that when you’re using your sponge to wipe your counter. Continue…

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