A woman warned of the causes of her Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy condition is a paralysis of one side of the face that causes it to twist. The cranial nerve VII specifically strikes and swells, supporting the facial muscles.

Not only can the paralysis of the facial muscles be experienced by Bell’s Palsy but it can also cause back pain, loss of appetite and even hearing loss. The paralysis of the facial muscles is so severe that it does not prevent the blinking, blinking and movement of the eyelids. There is no control over the smile and the mouth shut..

The cause of Bell’s Palsy is unclear. But many neurologists believe it is caused by the herpes simplex virus. When the cranial nerve VII is struck, Bell’s palsy develops. Some people think it is due to exposure to the cold, over-thinking at night and so on.

Like a woman who shared her experience of this condition. According to Pamela Rollo, it started with a drop in her blood and potassium in the body and unnatural tears in the eyes.

“Starts with lowering blood pressure and lowering the body’s potassium. Until normal eye tears and no movement of the right side of the lip, non-twitching of the right eye, no movement of the right eyebrow and right knee cheek, “Pamela said.

According to her Facebook post, one of the reasons she has this condition is because of her wet hair. Pamela added that stress, food added to the fastfood chain, milk tea , caffeine and a dedicated electric fan or aircon are added to sleep.

“So if you’re stressed out, please talk to bed. Lunch and dinner fast? Sis, go home and eat. MILK TEA, yes you read right, I’m addicted to Cream Cheese, oreo, love potion, pearl milk tea and GOLDEN SUN .While my rank in mobile legends turned my cheek in. I used to dry my hair before going to sleep, I suggest, NEVER FUCK. It also looks good. Remember, you CAN’T be, “Pamela suggested.

Currently Pamela is undergoing therapy and is taking Vitamin B to cure her condition.

“Now I am currently taking corticosteroid drugs to reduce inflammation. Going to hospital everyday for physical therapy. Taking vitamin B for good health and well-being. Eye drops to prevent infections. Praying for my fast recovery,” Pamela concluded.

Pamela Rollo’s Facebook post has been deleted for an unknown reason.

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