American diplomat suffered 20 brain injuries in ‘sonic attack’ that affected dozens of staff in Cuba and China – but what caused them is still a mystery, new study says

A US diplomat stationed in China who suffered 20 brain injuries that affected his short-term memory, taste, emotion and movement may have been in a ‘sonic attack’ – but what exactly caused the injuries remains a mystery.

Mark Lenzi, 45, was stationed in Guangzhou in 2017, when he developed unexplained symptoms, including headaches, memory loss and trouble sleeping.

His symptoms were reported after the U.S. State Department started investigating similar health concerns reported by diplomatic staff in Cuba in late 2016. The cluster of symptoms has since been dubbed ‘Havana Syndrome’.

It has been suspected that the symptoms were caused by a ‘sonic attack’, during which all staff affected reported hearing loud sounds which varied from humming to squealing. It was also suspected that the sounds were deliberate and caused by an unknown device used by the Cubans to produce discomfort.

In an independent study by doctors with The Concussion Group, Lenzi was reported as having low-grade headaches, ‘with subsequent development of memory and attention problems; problems in executive functioning, organization, and reading; and increased irritability and poor sleep,’ according to Dr. Jeffry David Lewine.

However, doctors are still unable to say exactly what caused the mysterious symptoms.

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