Are you showing signs of lymphedema?

Are you showing signs of lymphedema? HealthQuest is offering free consultants with a certified lymphedema therapist.

HealthQuest offering free consultants with certified lymphedema therapist

March is Lymphedema Awareness Month — and at HealthQuest, we’re recognizing it in a big way.

We are offering free consultations with our certified lymphedema therapist, who can complete an assessment and help you determine if you have chronic swelling or lymphedema.

Lymphedema is an abnormal collection of protein-rich fluid. The swelling most commonly occurs in the arms, legs, hands and feet, but it can be present in any part of the body.

Lymphedema can result when there is a blockage in, or damage to, the lymphatic system, or when the lymph nodes are removed. A blockage, damage, or absence of nodes can cause lymph fluid to become stagnant, unable to drain properly, causing a buildup, known as secondary lymphedema. Edema can also be present when lymphatic vessels are missing or impaired because of a hereditary condition, known as primary lymphedema.

Lymphedema, while a lifelong condition, can be managed well with an early diagnosis and a regime of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT).

CDT is generally completed in two phases. Phase 1 is an intensive phase carried out by a certified lymphedema therapist. Phase 2 is the maintenance phase in which the client continues therapy at home, which consists of manual lymph drainage, meticulous skin and nail care, gentle exercises and regular compression therapy.

Signs and symptoms of lymphedema:

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