Boy Born with Gastroschisis Fulfills His Dream of Becoming an Airline Pilot

Growing up, the young boy would always hear jets roaring over his neighborhood. This sparked his dream, his passion. Anthony Lickteig-Carter always hoped to become a pilot.

Nevertheless, because of his condition, it seemed as if his dream would not become a reality. Anthony was born with a condition called gastroschisis.


At birth, his stomach was located outside of his body. As he grew older, the condition led him to have some difficulties. He’s had many surgeries and made constant visits to the hospital.

After finally getting his last surgery in 2001, he was able to fulfill his wish of becoming a pilot.

One of his experiences was that he was put on a flight in first class. During the flight, Anthony was able to speak to the pilots. After the flights, he walked around outside with the pilots. This is one of his favorite childhood memories.

At 29, he is now a pilot for Skywest Airlines, a connection for Delta.

Anthony has a message for others. He wants them to know that if you really think about something and really love it, you should chase it. He said to chase what you love until you cannot any longer.

That truly is a message we should all follow.

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