Could You Have PTSD? 5 Signs and Symptoms That You Should Know

>Could You Have PTSD? 5 Signs and Symptoms That You Should Know

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often receives a lot of press when it comes to soldiers returning from war. You might have even seen movies where a former soldier struggles with nightmares and flashbacks of the trauma that they endured. While the ravages of war are a common cause of PTSD, you should also be aware of the many different types of trauma that can also impact your mind and body, leaving you to deal with frightening symptoms. As you read through these common signs and symptoms of PTSD, keep in mind that they can occur many years after the traumatic event has occurred if you have not received the proper support to learn how to cope. While having an occasional nightmare or sad memory about a traumatic event may just be a normal part of healing, you should seek a professional opinion if you experience these symptoms along with a constant tendency to relive the trauma over again in your mind.

Could You Have PTSD

Flashbacks and Nightmares

Memories of a traumatic event are stored in your brain as well as your body, and it is common to re-experience the event as though it is happening again. A flashback could present as an auditory or visual hallucination that feels as though you are thrust back into the moment or trauma. Or it could be a very realistic memory in which you can relive every moment. You might also experience nightmares about the event when your mind is more vulnerable as it tries to heal the trauma. Your flashbacks may be triggered by similar events each time that remind you of what happened. A loud band, the scent of a certain cologne or something as simple as a car horn honking could all be the impetus of a flashback. Continue…

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