Do You Wake Up At Night But Can’t Move?? This Is The Terrifying Reason!!

Many people wake up in the middle of the night with their eyes closed but they can’t move an inch. Wondered why?



Yes, it’s not a scene out of a horror book but actually true. This happens to many people. Do you know why people wake up in the middle of the night and can’t move? Read on to find out why!


reasons why you can't move at night


I read it in the Business Insider that several psychological and social circumstances determine the prevalence of sleep paralysis. In 2011 a paper that combined 35 studies with more than 36,000 total participants found that 7.6% of the global population struggles with sleep paralysis. These people include people with mental disorders, like depression and anxiety and students who have disturbed sleep patterns.


But how can the body not move if the brain is awake?

wake up night move


Three or four stages of non-REM are the final places where all the things root down to, it is also called as the rapid eye movement. Dreaming in all the darn stages of sleep is possible but the dreams that people experience in REM sleep appears to be more real. Don’t the dreams where you feel like you are falling from somewhere seem real? Continue…

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