As Byron works through his depression, he’s now faced with a major blow. Vets recently found an aggressive tumor on Geo’s head, and the cancer is spreading to his muscles and his bones.


Byron has set up an online fundraiser to help pay for Geo’s medical treatment and is coming to terms with the fact he only has a little bit of time left with his faithful dog.


Byron’s Dog Intuition story is going viral, and for good reason. Even though Byron is making sure Geo lives out his last days to the fullest, Byron is grateful that his best friend gave him the greatest gift in return… the gift of life.


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After experiencing a difficult breakup, Byron fell into a deep depression.


One day, things became so painful that he decided to take his own life. After using a piece of rope to make a noose, Byron went downstairs to write a goodbye letter to his family. Continue…


When he returned upstairs, Byron realized his dog, Geo, had the noose inside his mouth and refused to give it back.

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