Every morning this father snuck into his sleeping daughter’s room. What he did will overwhelm you.

Formerly anorexic woman posts pictures of her recovery

As a teenager, Gemma Walker suffered for years with anorexia and her parents watched helplessly as their daughter wasted away. The family from Australia was living a nightmare.

Every morning her father Steve would sneak into her room to make sure she was still breathing. “Sometimes,” he said, “we sat on the ground next to her bed just to be with her. We couldn’t do anything.”

When she was 14 and weighed just 62 lbs, Gemma’s doctors were clear: if she didn’t get help, her situation would quickly become life-threatening. They gave her 48 hours to live. 

If the weight loss didn’t stop, she wasn’t going to survive. “I felt numb, the days just melted into each other and I wished each day by, hoping that I would just pass peacefully in my sleep.” 

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