Everyone Thinks 35-Year-Old Alcoholic Is Pregnant, But There’s No Baby Inside Her Giant Belly

‘People think I’m pregnant but I’ve got liver failure’: Woman has 23 LITRES of fluid drained from her abdomen every 3 WEEKS after binge drinking wrecks her body


When Jo goes on a bus, people give up their seat for her and strangers stop to ask when her baby is due.

Aged 35 and appearing heavily pregnant, it’s easy to see why.

But the story behind Jo’s large stomach is more sinister – alcohol addiction.

Excessive drinking has caused her liver to become so damaged that fluid has built up in her abdomen.

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Excessive drinking has caused Jo’s liver to become so damaged that fluid has built up in her abdomen and she looks pregnant. Hers is one of many disturbing stories appearing on a TV show airing tonight showing the horrific damage young people all over the UK are doing to their bodies through excessive drinking

She is suffering from cirrhosis of the liver – where healthy tissue becomes replaced with scar tissue.

The condition has caused Jo to develop a side effect called ascites – fluid retention that makes her look pregnant and makes veins bulge from her stomach.

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