Few People Know How To Recognize The Deadly Symptoms Of A Caffeine Overdose


We all gets the jitters from coffee occasionally, but did you know it’s actually possible to have a caffeine overdose?

Tragically, the topic of caffeine overdose is on a lot of people’s minds at the moment, after the devastating death of a teen from South Carolina this past week.


Davis Allen Cripe, just 16 years old, passed away from a cardiac event after consuming several caffeinated drinks in just a few hours, according to CNN.


The high school student drank a caffe latte, a large iced Mountain Dew, and an energy drink during a two-hour period before suffering a cardiac arrhythmia at school. He was pronounced dead just an hour later.


Davis’s tragic death sheds a light on a problem that many parents and teens aren’t aware of.


Davis’s parent want their loss to help educate other parents about the serious dangers of caffeine overdose.

There’s a huge difference between one cup of coffee and a dangerous amount of caffeine, but it’s important that everyone know the signs.


What Is Caffeine?

<u>What Is Caffeine?</u>

Laura Caseley for LittleThings

Caffeine is a naturally-occurring stimulant and psychoactive substance that is produced by lots of plants.


Technically, it is a drug, but a thoroughly legal one.


Probably the two most famous examples of caffeine-producing plants are the coffee bean and the tea leaf, which are both products of caffeine-producing plants that are enjoyed by humans worldwide.


According to the New York Times, people worldwide drink roughly 26,000 cups of coffee per second! Continue…

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