Fibromyalgia tricky to diagnose, but it can be treated

Grace endures pain throughout her arms and torso. Despite numerous doctor visits, tests could not pinpoint the source of her discomfort. It wasn’t until she met a physician who specializes in disorders of the central nervous system that she discovered her symptoms showed fibromyalgia.


Despite the growing interest, little is known about the cause and probable cure of fibromyalgia. Yet, symptoms of widespread pain, headaches, sleep disorders, digestive problems, dizziness and chronic fatigue are shared among 5 million Americans, and 80 percent to 90 percent of people diagnosed are women.


Traditionally, mainstream medicine has difficulty diagnosing this disorder. Since it affects the brain and central nervous system, fibromyalgia doesn’t have outward signs indicating a problem, nor does it show in ultrasound or MRI screenings.


“Doctors sometimes struggle with treating a condition that doesn’t present itself in tangible, measurable forms,” said Dr. Candice Hall, a chiropractic doctor with Next Integrative Health. “But, many people experience common symptoms that enable a physician to track and consider fibromyalgia as the cause of their discomfort.” Continue…

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