From red raw to flawless: 5-year-old boy with eczema looked like he had third degree burns and was in pain as his body fought to beat steroid cream addiction – but what a transformation!

‘When he started walking again, he couldn’t straighten his legs properly and it was almost like teaching a baby to walk.’

The family consulted with Dr Wayne Dysinger of Lifestyle Medical Solutions who prescribed them natural remedies to heal his skin without chemicals or toxins.

And last year, Chase’s symptoms began to lessen and now he is 95 per cent healed.

Ms Henderson said that seeing Chase endure the pain he went through was 'a mother's worst nightmare' (pictured with the entire family at Disneyland)

Ms Henderson added: ‘Thankfully, we’ve got our lives back now. There are times when he itches his skin, but it’s nowhere near how it was before.

‘Last summer he was able to leave the house again and walk, before we had stayed at home for a year and a half.

‘It’s amazing to go outside and see him running, playing and how grateful he is to have his life back now.’  Continue…

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