Here’s what’s been hiding under your fingernails

  • 2. Long nails are worse

    Even if you keep them short, there are hundreds of bacterial colonies that thrive in the warm, moist environment under your nails. Long nails are even more susceptible to these germs. A study in San Francisco stated that 100 percent of health care workers with long nails (nails that extended three millimeters or more above the finger tip) were surveyed and had bacteria and yeast growing underneath. Only 18 percent of workers with short nails had the same organisms under theirs.


    • 3. Nail biting can make you sick – really sick

      “Your fingernails are almost twice as dirty as your fingers. Bacteria often gets stuck under the nails, and can be transferred to the mouth, causing infections of the gums and throat,” says Michael Shapiro, M.D.

      Not only that, but BBC News also found that bacteria found under nails can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea. If you believe washing your hands before chewing on your nails will get rid of the germs, you’re mistaken. Continue…