Hospital Staff Dress Premature Babies As Superheroes To Help Them Fight For Lives

While people were getting ready for a Halloween party, volunteers and nurses in a Kansas city premature baby hospital decided to surprise the parents by making their babies’ first Halloween extra special.


Having a premature baby means families going through a time that can be very emotionally challenging. Thanks to some kind people and 3 talented photographers, the parents felt weren’t alone in this tough situation. This Halloween, families could see their hospitalized babies turn into superheroes, butterflies and other adorable characters, giving the parents the much needed hope and joy.


“The parents were able to choose their babies’ costumes to match the babies’ personalities,” Michelle Manuel, the hospital’s director of media relations, told ABC News. The costumes were pint-sized and handmade felt. The parents also got a “trick or treat, smell my feet” card with the newborns’ tiny footprints, a hand-crocheted pumpkin filled with treats and a Halloween book to read to their kid in the future.


Volunteers at a premature baby hospital decided to make their patients’ first Halloween extra special!

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