How Does Fibromyalgia Affect Women Differently?


Other symptoms that affect women and men

Other common symptoms of fibromyalgia include:

  • sensitivity to temperature drops, loud noises, and bright lights
  • trouble remembering and concentrating, also called fibro fog
  • headaches, including migraines that cause nausea and vomiting
  • restless legs syndrome, a creepy, crawly feeling in the legs that wakes you from sleep
  • jaw pain


When to see a doctor

Talk to your doctor if these symptoms interfere with your well-being or accompany other symptoms of fibromyalgia. There’s no single exam to diagnose fibromyalgia. The symptoms can be similar to other conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA). But unlike RA, fibromyalgia doesn’t cause inflammation.


This is why your doctor will do a physical examination and order multiple tests to rule out other conditions.


Fibromyalgia isn’t life-threatening, but it can affect your quality of life. Early treatment can slow the progression of fibromyalgia. Continue…

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