How Does weed Affect BPD?


I take prescribed meds. They really, really help me. Frankly, I smoked weed a few times when I was young and it made me both paranoid and depressed. I don’t use any recreational drugs, don’t even drink. Remember, borderlines are prone to substance abuse and I want to keep my problems at a minimum . 🙂
I’m sure some people like weed, but you never know what they put in it and it IS a depressant and I personally have not felt inclined to go there again.
Take care 🙂

I have BPD and use weed once a week. I use to smoke it everyday (a quater of an ounce a day). I was very addicted and even felt withdrawl symptoms like shaking and I couldnt focuse on anything when I didnt smoke it. Im guessing you smoke it to help with ur BPD symptoms? I managed to lower my use to just once a week by keeping myself constantly busy, that way I dont have time to think about the high it gives you or the symptoms… Keeping yourself busy WHILE smoking it helps to.

I can count the number of times on my hand that i have smoked pot.
I can’t say I really like it. I prefer to drink. The effects of pot go away very quickly.
Also, I just think it makes people want to sit around and do nothing.. I’m not saying alcohol doesn’t either but you only feel like doing nothing when you’re intoxicated. With pot, even when you’re not smoking it, you just feel like sitting around and doing nothing, IMO.

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