How to become a narcissist in just 4 months


It took my teenager calling me out for me to remember that hey, it’s totally messed up to stalk your own timeline.

A few months ago, I got into a bad habit with Facebook. I use it primarily for work now, so I would often get friend requests from people I didn’t know. Obviously, I didn’t want to accept unless they were legit, so I’d scroll through the person’s timeline and mutual friends to make sure there was some mutual ground on which to accept the request.

But then, I started clicking back to my own timeline in a weird attempt to see how my public image appeared to them. I knew it was narcissistic, but it became almost compulsive — I just couldn’t resist the temptation.

Lucky for me, I have a teenage daughter who never stops looking over my shoulder. She totally caught me and called me out on it, saying, “Mom, why are you always looking at your own timeline? That’s just weird.” And alas, she was right.

However, I do take meager comfort in the knowledge that this doesn’t mean I’m intrinsically narcissistic — according to Elite Dailysocial media can turn anyone into a narcissist … in as few as four months:

The new research comes from Swansea University in the UK and Milan University in Italy, and according to a press release about the study, the researchers argue that “excessive posting of photos on social media” is linked to increased narcissism.

The study’s press release states that more than two-thirds of the participants “primarily used social media for posting images.” And for those who were found to use social media the most — and, more specifically, those who used the platforms to post photos — they showed about a 25 percent increase in narcissistic traits over the course of the four-month study, the press release explains.

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