How To Successfully Manipulate The Narcissist And Survive The Relationship

If you are a loving, empathetic, and forgiving human being – then you are a perfect target for becoming a Narcissistic Supply. However, these ‘weaknesses’ can become your strengths to cut the narcissist down when they no longer have control over you and your emotions.

A narcissist gains their importance by eliciting emotions and reactions from you – usually anger or sadness. They gain their so-needed control by making you lose all control. Of course, they would want you to adore them more than anything in the world rather than be angry at them.

The narcissist is sure of their power over you. They believe that they can influence your thoughts and emotions and can manipulate you to do anything they want.

That being said, let’s see what you can do to manipulate the narcissist in order to survive the relationship and not let them hurt you. However, remember that you cannot change the narcissist.

You cannot change another human being no matter how much you want it. The so-desired change must come from within them. This is why it is so hard for a narcissist to change. Because they don’t see a problem with their behavior.

Manipulating the narcissist: Method 1

You stop mirroring them any longer. You stop reacting to their outbursts. You stop being their emotional puppet anymore.

The narcissist sees their victim’s whining, tears, and complaints. They see their emotional meltdowns and their anger. And they perceive all these emotions as love. A narcissist is a person who is feeding off their victim’s emotions because they are not capable of having real ones themselves.

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