I Shaved My Face With A Japanese Facial Razor & I'm Completely Obsessed


I was once in a job interview with a Korean-American beauty director who asked me what I thought the next new “big” thing in beauty was going to be. “At-home dermaplaning, where you sort of shave your face with a razor,” I told her, having prepared for this question for days. (I hopefully said it more eloquently than that, but you get the picture.) “It’s so funny when I hear people say that,” she deadpanned, “Because Asians have been doing that for centuries. It’s not new. At all.” Oh. Needless to say, I didn’t get the job.


Upon further investigation, I learned that in Asian culture, women had in fact, been shaving their faces pretty much forever (I mean, obviously this woman wasn’t lying to me). The trend hit the United States pretty hard a few years ago, both as a method of hair removal and skin exfoliation, and it’s slowly becoming less taboo as more and more women test it out. Beauty blogger Huda Kattan recently released a video touting the benefits of doing a once-over with a razor as part of her skin care routine, and listed its many benefits beyond peach-fuzz fighting, including scar rejuvenation, anti-aging precautions, and smoother makeup application. As if those weren’t reasons enough to try it out for myself, Kattan claims Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe were fans of face shaving, and if it was good enough for the two most glamorous women in history, it was definitely good enough for me. (A lot of the Real Housewives ladies and Bachelor contestants do it too, but that’s not nearly as important to my personal narrative.)


Given all the buzz on the internet, I’d tried the whole facial shaving thing a few times with regular old drugstore razors, with mixed results (usually it was when I was running out the door to an event and realized I’d forgotten to get my ‘stache waxed). So was really excited when I recently stumbled upon actual Japanese facial razors at a beauty store in Malaysia. They were the real thing (after all, people had been using them for centuries!), and I couldn’t resist testing them out. And $9 for a pack of three? Sold! Continue…

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