I Tried Eyebrow Microblading & I Am Never, Ever Going Back To My Natural Brows — PHOTOS


I’m old enough that I can still remember a time when eyebrows didn’t matter. Sure, they were always there. You could pluck, thread, or wax them to your liking. But no one was going to stop you on the street and say, “You have great brows,” no matter how perfectly shaped they were. There were other, more important things to focus on, like Juicy Couture tracksuits and those spaghetti-strap tank tops with the built-in bras. If you told me five or 10 years ago that I would try microblading my eyebrows to make them look fuller, I would have laughed. Tiny blades? Miniature tattoos? On my face? No, thank you. Yet, here I am in 2017, and I can confidently say that I am never going back to non-microbladed brows.


You might be wondering what microblading even is, exactly. I got my brows microbladed by the Eyebrow Doctor (great name, I know) herself, Piret Aava.Aava is a makeup artist, certified aesthetician, cosmetic tattoo specialist, and if you’re asking me, a brow wizard. Not only did she make the entire thing simple and smooth, but Aava also explained to me all the details about the process itself. Aava tells me that the simplest definition of microblading is “manual semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos mimicking the natural hair strokes of eyebrows.”


Still confused? A little afraid? Yeah, I was too. Below are some of the most frequent questions I got asked about my microbladed brows — and, of course, the before-and-after photos.

How does it work?

Like Aava says above (in more technical terms), microblading is literally a tiny, tiny, tiny blade digging into your skin so that ink can fill the tiny cut and tattoo you. It sounds scarier than it actually is, and if done correctly, it will look completely natural. Continue…

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