She hides under the bed to see if her boyfriend is loyal. She is shocked by what happens.

Relationships can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences; they sustain us, nourish us, and help us grow as people. All of that said, even the best relationships hit a few bumps along the way to “happily ever after.”

Even with the most secure partnerships, it’s natural for there to be just a tiny bit of doubt as to whether or not our chosen significant others truly love us. That’s why it’s not uncommon for people to “test” their loved ones just a little bit.

One wife tried to play a trick on her husband to see how much he cared about her—except got so much more than she bargained for! What happened is something she never saw coming.

After years of loyalty, one happily married wife to decided to play a trick of sorts on her loving husband. Now, it is not an uncommon thing for a friend or lover to play a harmless little trick on someone they admire, but this wife had a reason for her prank.

Her goal? She wanted to see if he would still be faithful to her, even after the passion between them had subsided—so she came up with the perfect plan. She waited for weeks to execute it, making sure that the entire thing would go off without a hitch.


She wrote her husband a letter telling him that she wanted to leave him and that their relationship was over. She poured her heart into that letter. She wanted him to really feel it, so she carefully weighed and measured every single word she put on the page. Little did she know that it would backfire… Continue…

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