If you have this blood type, there’s something you shouldn’t eat. The impact it has on your metabolism is enormous.

10 fascinating facts about blood and blood types

At some point, everyone learned in school that there are four distinct blood types: A, B, AB and O. Each is further defined by a positive or negative rhesus factor. Which blood type you have is already determined before birth.


Above all, it’s important to know your blood type if you need a transfusion because not all blood types are compatible with one another. But did you know that your blood type also has numerous other effects on you? Here are 10 facts about how blood influences your life that you probably weren’t aware of.

Blood type and nutrition

The body is busy carrying out numerous complicated processes throughout the day. For example, digestion. People react differently to the nutritional component parts of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. That’s because blood type plays a significant role in many aspects of nutrition.

People with blood type O should follow a protein-rich diet, while those with blood type A should generally avoid meat and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables instead. Blood type B should eat less white meat and strive for a healthy and varied diet. On the other hand, blood type AB benefits from fish and other fat-rich foods, of which particularly omega-3 fatty acids are recommended. Continue…

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