Live in the body of an old man

Fibromyalgia: “I am 41 years old and live in the body of an old man” Share article

He is always tired, and he hurts all the time. Patrick Schutz of Neuchâtel has fibromyalgia – an invisible condition that is not recognized by disability insurance.

Pain, pain, nothing more than pain: Patrick Schuts (41) from Neuchâtel always has the feeling that he has the flu – no fever, but with enormous lead fatigue. He would like to stay in bed all day and spend time there. “Every part of my body hurts, fortunately not all at the same time,” he told L’Illustré magazine.


Patrick Schutz and his partner have a three-year-old daughter, Naya.
Even if you play with it for only 20 minutes, it takes away the energy for the whole day. “When I’ve slept, and then I wake up, I’m as tired as I’ve ever slept.” He has lost many friends who think he pretends. At night you can not go out with them like before, go to bed at 7 pm to relax.


The diagnosis of his suffering a year ago revealed: Fibromyalgia. It is estimated that 400,000 people are affected in Switzerland. The problem: Fibromyalgia is not recognized by disability insurance (IV). There is no scientific evidence: there is no evidence found in the blood and X-rays.


Hundreds of symptoms characterize fibromyalgia. It is determined by the exclusion of other diseases and by means of a test: usually soft spots are used. Continue…

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