Man Diagnosed with Stage III COPD Now Fully Recovered After Treating The Disease with Marijuana

Once again cannabis has provided a more effective and safer solution to dangerous, prescription opioids. A man by the name of Jeff Waters discovered the correlation between Marijuana and COPD.

Jeff Waters was who diagnosed with Stage III COPD at age 36. This Leung condition can be devastating for some patients and is categorized by extreme shortness of breath, obstructed airflow and pain.

Jeff Waters was prescribed 15 opioid medications to try and treat his condition.

The side effects of the prescribed medications were devastating. These opioids caused Jeff to be in a comatose state. He spent approximately one month in intensive care at the hospital.

Many physicians state that the disease only gets worse and the medications prescribed can only ease the pain.

Jeff Waters resorted to alternative methods, using full extract cannabis oil (FECO). This oil os create with high THC cannabis and utilizes grain alcohol as the solvent.

Since using cannabis he has seen continuous improvement in his health.

Jeff Watters has done away with his prescribed medication, which now gathers dust in his cupboard.

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